C95 Breath Easy Men's Filters White - 5pk

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Barcode Berlin

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Hygiene Products , Non-returnable
New 5pk filter. 2 layers of material.

Made for Gym, outdoor activities, warm weather
The density is less than 20%.

Easily replaceable. Lasts for 4 hours.
Suitable for 20 washes.

Washing instructions:

Option 1: Put in boiling water for three minutes.

Option 2: Put filters in a pot. Boil water in a kettle
and pour it into the pot over the filters. Wait 3 minutes.
Dries quickly.

100% Polypropylene


Barcode Berlin

Quality production takes place exclusively in Barcode's own factory in Europe. Their products are personally inspected by designer/co-founder Stoyan Nikolov and his partner Frank Michehl.


High quality, selected materials, fair wages, socially just working conditions, compliance with high European environmental standards.
Pieces you will love for life!

Designed in Berlin | Made in Europe
Men's Filtered Hygiene Masks C95 D12 Barcode Berlin Covid-19 protection