Football Socks Red White Stripes

Men’s Football Socks - Red White

These desirable quality men’s footy socks will complete your outfit for a sexy retro sporty look & feel.

Yellow knee high socks with 2 thick contrasting colour bands.

Barcode Berlin

Barcode was the first innovative design ideas on the market, at a time when nobody could imagine going hunting in a combination of harness, shorts and backless underwear or in football socks and wrestling jerseys.

Passion developed with enthusiasm & Barcode Berlin has become part of a worldwide lifestyle trend - for freedom, tolerance, fantasies, fun, travel, sports, circuit, party & me-time.
Quality production takes place exclusively in Barcode's own factory in Europe. Their products are personally inspected by designer/co-founder Stoyan Nikolov and his partner Frank Michehl.

High quality, selected materials, fair wages, socially just working conditions, compliance with high European environmental standards
Designed in Berlin. Quality Made in Portugal.

Mister Mann Fashion Socks Cleaning Instructions Barcode Berlin