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FILTER C 95 Hygiene Protection Face Mask | Black White

Each mask contains 2 C95 breathe easy filters. New C95 filter: 6 layers of protection. Made for gym, workouts, training, outdoor activities, warm weather when the air density is less than 20%.

• Nose wire • Easily replaceable C95 breathe easy filters • Filters last for 4 hours • Filters are suitable for 10 washes.
Washing instructions:
Option 1: Put in boiling water for three minutes.
Option 2: Put filters in a pot. Boil water in a kettle
and pour it into the pot over the filters. Wait 3 minutes.
Dries quickly.
Each mask contains 2 replacement machine washable filters.
Barcode Berlin 
Quality production takes place exclusively in Barcode's own factory in Europe. Their products are personally inspected by designer/co-founder Stoyan Nikolov and his partner Frank Michehl.


High quality, selected materials, fair wages, socially just working conditions, compliance with high European environmental standards.


Designed in Berlin | Quality Made in Europe
Mask: Outside 65% Polyester 35% Cotton
Lining 100% Polyester

Filter: 100% Polypropylene. 

Replacement filters available & ssold separately in our store. Non-Returnable unless faulty.