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Barcode Berlin Now Available at Mister Mann Menswear Australia New Zealand



Sexy, Independent, Authentic.
The leader in men’s sportswear, underwear, swimwear fashion & accessories design. 

Born in Berlin 2009 in the early beginnings of sportswear.
Barcode was the first innovative design ideas on the market, at a time when nobody could imagine going hunting in a combination of harness, shorts and backless underwear or in football socks and wrestling jerseys.

Passion developed with enthusiasm & Barcode Berlin has become part of a worldwide lifestyle trend - for freedom, tolerance, fantasies, fun, travel, sports, circuit, party & me-time.
Quality production takes place exclusively in Barcode's own factory in Europe. Their products are personally inspected by designer/co-founder Stoyan Nikolov and his partner Frank Michehl.
High quality, selected materials, fair wages, socially just working conditions, compliance with high European environmental standards.
Pieces you will love for life!


Sukrew brand again Mister Mann Menswear Australia & New Zealand



Sukrew underwear launched in 2013 with the groundbreaking U Design, full frontal exposure! An outrageous and immediate hit among men into stylish quality underwear. Sukrew has expanded their underwear designs to include interesting variations on trunk, brief, thong and jockstrap styles. 


Standing for Sexual Unity Crew, their goal is to help guys look and feel "sexual, sensual and confident”.
Kingsley Hamilton designer/founder decided it was time to use his vast experience, knowledge and contacts to create a new concept in the male intimates apparel market.


Expertly designed to shape around your body, Sukrew underwear is well fitted, while giving room for what you’re packing up front; flattering you without flattening you.
With ergonomic pouches, crotchless styles, dynamic shapes and thoughtful luxurious fabric choices.
Adidas Performance swimwear and accessories available from Mister Mann Menswear Australia New Zealand


Adidas is built with a passion for a sporting lifestyle. Push effortlessly through barriers to a better performance with Adidas swimwear and swimming gear range.
Established in Germany in 1949, Adidas is one of the world’s top iconic sports brands, and has built a reputation for their dedication to every athlete. From professional to amateur, adidas offers designs to help you reach the top of your game.

Adidas pride themselves on a commitment to authenticity, inspiration and honesty.
A fusion of form and function, adidas Performance effortlessly blends cutting edge designs and technical fabrics with the latest trends to create athletic wear with serious street credibility. 

The design and style of men’s swimwear is dedicated to constant innovation and strong attention to detail, delivering their customers the best athletic wear possible.


Speedo men’s swimwear available at Mister Mann Menswear Australia New Zealand



Speedo was founded by a young Scottish man called Alexander MacRae who migrated to Australia in 1910.
The speedo brand began as an underwear business first before expanding to include swimwear, in response to the growing beach culture in Australia.
The Australian brand gained international fame in 1956 at the Melbourne Olympic Games, when they sponsored the entire Australian swimming team. An outstanding effort, 8 gold medals were won! 

The first company to produce swimwear in nylon and elastane, speedo have always stood out with design. Celebrating their 90th anniversary in 2018, Speedo brand has long been the global leader in men’s swimwear and swimwear accessories. 


Burly Fellow at Mister Mann Menswear Australia New Zealand men’s skin hair care



Australian men’s hair & skin care brand have worked with the best grooming gurus and specialist barbers to create premium essential grooming products for all fellas, burly or otherwise!
Give yourself the best for your daily routine. Look in the mirror and feel a million bucks.


Made in Australia with organic ingredients.
Only testing their products on men with majestic features
Burly Fellow are the Practitioners of Confidence”


AMU Alpha Male Undies at Mister Mann Menswear Australia New Zealand



Men's Irish brand specialising in sexy underwear & sportswear made from ripstop nylon, fine modal & quality nylon fabrics.
Coming soon - August 2020


AMU Alpha Male Undies Sportswear and Underwear at Mister Mann Menswear Australia New Zealand