Beard Oil - Black Pepper & Citrus • Lime & Mint • Lavender & Pine | Burly Fellow

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Available in 3 scents: Black Pepper and Citrus • Lime and Mint • Lavender and Pine

Created for the busy man around town.

Burly Fellow’s stylish hip flask has an extra mann dosage of 50ml. 

An extra dosage of the unbeatable beard oil means you’ve got it on hand or hip after every gym shower and lunchtime quickie. Perfect for travelling with too.

Take a few drops into your palm and rub between your hands. Run your fingers upward through the beard, working in and around the neck and cheeks. The oil will take over from here, replenishing skin nourishment where moisturiser can’t reach. It’s also designed to reduce redness, bumps and itching, and soften the bristles.

Made in Australia with organic ingredients.
Burly Fellow only test their products on men with majestic features!


The iconic flask won’t leave you looking out of place in any setting.