Care labelling provides the public with enough information to:
know how to care for clothing and textile products.
To provide prior knowledge of costs such as dry cleaning in the ongoing care of clothing and textile products.
    Understand how to clean clothing and textile products properly (e.g. cold hand wash only).
      Maximise the useful life of clothing and textile products.
        Avoid damage such as dyes running (e.g. wash separately).


        Care labels Why it’s important mister mann


        The Australian mandatory standard requires that textile products including clothing, textiles, furnishing and suede skins, leathers and furs must have adequate care labelling instructions in English attached to the item.
        The mandatory standard for care labelling for clothing and textiles applies to:

        household textiles
        piece goods made from textiles
        plastic coated fabrics
        suede skins
          Care symbols alone are not sufficient. However, extra information such as care symbols or instructions in other languages may be provided. 
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